• Make it FUN

  • guestslaugh2The #1 thing that my clients tell me is that they want their Hawaii wedding celebration to be FUN. They are spending a lot of money on the dress, the decor, the food…but ultimately the main thing that brides & grooms want is for them and their guests to enjoy the party!

    And that’s what I help you to do!

    What makes me different from other Hawaii wedding emcees is I GET YOUR AUDIENCE INVOLVED. Instead of your guests simply sitting there, watching some guy on the microphone telling jokes and talking, I make your audience become involved in the presentation.

    How do I do it?

    By adding surprise twists to the traditional moments at weddings and PERSONALISING THE PARTY to you and your personalities. For example, it’s a Hawaii wedding tradition that, whenever guests want to see the newlyweds kiss, they tap the glasses. You could simply kiss all night to entertain your guests…or we could add a nice surprise to get your guests involved:


    We make Hawaii wedding celebrations FUN!

    Thank you so much for the BEST WEDDING EVER! My friends and family had sooooo much fun! They really got into it. It was non-stop talking about the games and how they really tried to win!

    Leonie & Aron
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