• Get Up and DANCE

  • Have you ever been to someone else’s wedding, and once the lights go down and dancing starts, no one dances?  Or worse, people start going home?

    It’s a common thing that happens at Hawaii weddings…But it doesn’t mean that it will happen at yours!


    • Get your audience involved from the very beginning.  Not just during dancing, but engage them from the moment they arrive until the last dance of the night.  The fun should start from the moment your guests enter your ballroom or reception space, and it should remain fun all the way through cocktail hour, the meal, and into the presentation.  As your Certified Professional Master of Ceremonies, it is my job to connect with your audience and make sure that they are having fun from the very beginning…so when we get into dancing, the energy that starts at their table is easily transferred to the dancefloor.
    • Play a great mix of music. Some DJs specialise only in hip-hop.  Others just play house/EDM/nightclub music.  There is nothing wrong with it…But keep in mind that your wedding will have a good mix of people of all ages and musical tastes.  Grandma may not love Drake…but she loves Elvis, the Beatles, and the Supremes.  Your younger guests may not have heard of Earth Wind & Fire…but they love to dance to Ariana Grande. Of course, everyone loves Bruno Mars! Make sure your DJ plays a wide variety and good mix of music that gets EVERYBODY to dance.

    The result of following the two secrets to having a busy dancefloor:

    We loved how you were able to provide guidance to the flow of the night, how you could read the audience throughout the program and how you played inviting dance music for our guests!

    Leonie & Aron
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