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    Shopping for the BouquetMany times, brides & grooms spend a lot of money on the decor and look of their celebration…but then leave the program/presentation looking just like every other wedding that they’ve been to. Sure, the ballroom may look pretty…but your guests won’t really remember who won the bouquet, who gave a speech, and how the First Dance went.

    In other words, a cookie-cutter wedding is a wedding that is easily forgotten.

    On the other hand, I help my clients create celebrations that are UNIQUE and PERSONAL. Using the training and creativity, I work with you to design a presentation that takes into account your passions, hobbies, and personality, and infuse it into your program to create something truly one-of-a-kind. We take traditional moments and add surprise twists to it to make your program personalised and about YOU!

    • Do you like shopping? Instead of the traditional bouquet toss, your guests can play Shopping for the Bouquet, an alternative to the bouquet toss that gets EVERYBODY involved – not just the single girls!
    • Got more married women than single girls? Do the Anniversary Game instead, a very elegant & classy way to present the garter to a special couple while still involving the single girls AND ALL of your guests!
    • Do your or your husband-to-be like sports? Instead of the traditional garter toss, his guys can compete against each other with the Garter Sports Challenge, a unique twist that incorporates your future husband’s love of sports!
    • Do your families like going to Vegas? Do they like playing bingo? Trivia? I can show you how to incorporate these into your celebration, making your Hawaii wedding celebration truly original, personal, and unique.


    Marino had amazing ideas for our wedding and because of his ideas our wedding was an absolute blast…. he was friendly and professional from begining to end… i was very pleased with his level of expertise as well…

    Melina & Kevin

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