• Happy Anniversary Vange & Rodel!

  • Happy Anniversary to Vange & Rodel!

    They wanted a celebration that fit their outgoing & offbeat personalities!  So we created a dynamic and original party that reflected Vange & Rodel’s fun side and got their guests involved!

    • During dinner, we played a fun trivia game to send guests to the buffet, as well as the Kissing Games every time guests wanted to see Vange & Rodel kiss.
    • In addition to the traditional garter toss, we played Purse Power to give away the bouquet and did the Reverse Garter to send the energy to the next level!
    • And much more.

    It was fun, loud, and full of excitement throughout the night.  By the end of the night, Vange & Rodel were still smiling and be their usual fun, awesome selves:

    vangerodelmarino-seriousvangerodelmarino-goofyHappy Anniversary to Vange & Rodel, and thanks for letting me be your Hawaii wedding emcee for your celebration at the Hilton Prince Kuhio Waikiki!

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